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at a still unfolding economic disaster. the united states goes after al qaeda in yemen. we will talk about it on our roundtable tonight. and who says the news business is dead? in taiwan, they're drawing new viewers by animating it all. >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts from around the world, this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening. welcome to "worldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. we begin tonight with the global economy and news of the key economic barometer, unemployment. in this country, the government said today it held steady at 10% last month as moyers cut 85,000 jobs which was more than expected. the news was disappointing in europe. in the 16 countries that used the euro as their currency, the jobless wrought was also 10%. in this case, for the month of november, up from 9.9% in octob
on election 2010. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> i am less interested in passing out blame than i am in learning from and correcting these mistakes to make us safer. for ultimately the buck stops with me. as president i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> president obama taking responsibility this week for america's closest brush with airline terror in years. he suggested no one will be fired at least for now and he ordered a series of reforms including tougher rules for putting people on the no fly list, and more widespread distribution of intelligence reports. the president also renewing his declaration of war on al qaeda and its growing presence in yemen. cnn international security correspondent paula newton is in yemen for us. we'll go to her in a moment. also here in washington are our homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve and former homeland security inspector general clark kent irvin. thanks to al
in the wake of this, of course, very frightening event that happened on christmas day in the united states when there was a failed bomb attack. people's nerves are very much on edge. there is also a dark humor that permeates some sectors of society. we've heard of different people making jokes in different airports and it is not a joking matter right now. so we know that these people may have been drinking. they've been arrested. >> excuse me for just a second. sky news is interviewing live. they're the fox news equivalent for london. listen. >> did they, from your viewpoint, make their way directly to that passenger? >> in an instant. it happened straight away. they were very efficient and effective in their arrest. >> what reaction from him when he was made aware of what was happening to him? >> he seemed pretty calm. there was no shouting, no screaming. i think he sort of gave in straight away. >> reporter: you say two arrests were made. did you see the second person being taken from the aircraft? >> i didn't see the second person. i heard that through some other passengers on board. >>
presently across the united states. president barack obama will meet with the top labor leaders on monday over his proposal to tax health care plans. this is" fo "washington journalr january 9. here is robert barnes this morning in "the washington post." a pending decision on whether restrictions on corporate and labor unions spent on political campaigns violates the first amendment. this arose from a question about whether conservative groups support of a documentary movie of hillary clinton + presidential pursuit violated the mccain-falling goeingold ac. justices said they would consider the larger question of whether it is constitutional to ban corporations and labour unions from drawing funds from the general treasuries to support or oppose candidates. many legal experts say they expect the court use its imminent% ruling in the case of citizens united purses the federal electorate commission for money paid by corporations, unions, or advocacy organizations. the case centers on whether spending restrictions apply to "hillary: the movie." the 2010 elections will bring the for large-scal
for flights headed to the united states. >> christmas day incident underscored that the screening procedures at foreign airports are critical to our safety here in the united states. therefore, we have to do all we can to encourage foreign authorities to utilize the same enhanced technologist for aviation security. >> never lands where the flight originate was the first foreign country to announce scanners, great britain and italy followed suit. and france announced plans to use scanners at some of the airports. >> but not all european nations adopting the u.s. inspired security upgrade. officials in spain, and belgium call the measures excessive. president obama taking blame for the lapses and said the intelligence needs to do a better job of recognizing threats. >> as we develop new screening technologist and procedures, our adversaries will seek ways to evade them in the never ending race to protect our country, we have to stay one step ahead of the adversary. >> fox news. >> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton responded to america's failure to prevent that christmas plot. she t
against the united states must go on. is his wife a freak case or just the tip of the iceberg? joining us john bolton. we hear so infrequently about the women. not that they are not -- i guess that's a question. high viral is this? how much are the wives behind these men? >> i think it proves that wives can be just as much religious extremists as their husbands. we in the united states frankly don't understand the motivating power of this kind of religious fanaticism. we have a simplistic, marxist view of economic determinism and economic factors dominate how history is made that is extremely simplistic. i think this religious zeal shows this economic determinism is not the answer to all these issues. >> greta: the thing that struck me as odd she hadn't heard from him for quite sometime she was in turkey and he had been in pakistan and other places. as soon as she discovered he committed suicide and killed these people it doesn't seem the first response is grief. it is more supporting him, cheering him. it is vote vile the way to think she would be so ecstatic, so supportive. >> if you un
-span. if you were president of the united states would it be on c-span do you agree? >> he made the prop if you make a promise like that you have to keep. there are bigger promises he has not kept. the most important of which he would have this open process. there would be a bipartisan effort. new style of politics in washington. and the style he has brought has been far more of the backroom, if you will, bribery type of arrangement that we've seen in many, many years. >> greta: why? why has he made those promises about having it open and everybody have a seat at the table for instance? why since you don't think he has kept those promises didn't he or hasn't he? >> i can't guess to his motivation other than the fact has been unsuccessful in his first year. has not been able to accomplish virtually anything. as a result he's pinning all of his hopes on seeing something happen with health care what has occurred of course he's created a monster. this health care bill this being fashioned by the two houses doesn't make any sense and it ought to be jammed and they ought to start over again. but he's
of the united states from 2007 to 2009. he joins me now. judge mukasey, welcome. >> good to be here, paul. >> you wrote this week that you don't think that abuell umar farouk abdulmutallab should have been charged in criminal court. >> the principal question is timing not where he ultimately wound up, it's secondary, but he should have been taken designated an unlawful enemy cot b bah-- combatant. or a belligerent-- >> sounds like a new yorker. >> and intent on intelligence gathering, he knew who put him on the plane and mixed up the stuff that he had in his underpants and he knew who had trained, radicalized him and so forth. he had a wealth of information weeks' never going toware about that and we're certainly not going to hair about it in a timely way and the failure to do that i think was major, major gaffe. >> paul: the argument from the administration, if he was named an enemy combatant he would have the right under a supreme court hearing to have an habesa hearing and could he be released. >> an habeas could only challenge the confinement. given the fact he was apprehended with a
and cannot fly into the united states. since the detroit attack, the white house has ordered a review. sources say the national counterterrorism center has now sent hundreds of new names to the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. has upgraded hundreds of names from the master watch list to the selectee category. but for intelligence officials, it's a daunting challenge, trying to identify the true terrorists among a mass of suspects. >> there isn't a magic formula or a magic google program that will spew out a defined list of bad people. there has to be a human component here, and there's judgment at play and that judgment can be faulty. and we saw that in this recent case of abdulmutallab. >> reporter: now, officials say no watch list is perfect, but as a first line of defense, it has to be better than it was on christmas day. katie? >> couric: bob orr in washington. thanks, bob. turning to the economy now, the experts had been hoping, even expecting, that the latest jobs report today would show at least some improvement. but it didn't. the labor department said the unemployment rate held at 10% i
, clearly the united states is sending a strong message to the taliban, getting a bit of its own revenge. but the reality is that the united states has to rely on these advanced predators against a force that has no air force of its own. no advanced artillery and no satellite intelligence. and eight years after this conflict began the united states is having difficulty holding its own. >> and robin, we knew you were in beirut the last time the cia was attacked in this scope. you heard what the security director said, did you see a breakdown s this simply the risk that they face? >> well, clearly it's the risk they face. i think leon panetta is right. the reality is, 27 years after the first attack wiped out almost an entire cia station, the united states should have known better. this is a counterintelligence failure. >> robin wright, thank you. >>> meantime, the families of the fallen cia officers are now laying their loved ones to rest. in many cases these families had no idea the men and women they lost were working the front lines for cia. here's david kerley. >> reporter: it is a si
and this attack, he said, is also a message to the united states for the cia and to the jordanian intelligence that you can't buy somebody off. you can't buy them away from their fate, because, of course, the jordanian intelligence and the cia thought he was an operative for them. he turned out to have been a double agent, fred dreek kaw. >> what are the implications? video for the cia, for jordanian intelligence agencies, et cetera? >> reporter: we've been talking here with an analyst very familiar with security operations in jordan and throughout the region, and from his perspective, this is going to mean a real close, hard look at all agents, any country is running in that reason, and there are lots of different countries who are running agents in and around the pakistan/afghan border trying to get on, to the al qaeda leaders. everyone will have to look at these spies they're running and figure out if they can trust them. the bottom line here is, trying to track down al qaeda leaders, the analysis has to be, this is going to cause a setback. it's going to take time to reanalyze all of those
for confirmations and baptisms here in the united states and using the proceeds to help his parish back home. casey siegle has more. what does the catholic church have to say about all of this? >> this man has been characterized as a modern day robin hood. selling sacraments. that the mexican priests are coming into the united states and charging for certain services, baptisms and fast track confirmations. eonts there is no record of the sacrament when it's done in this rogue way. they are not done in the parish and sometimes they are not performed by authorized clergy and that can spell big problems down the line when you try to get your kid into catholic school. simply there is no records of even having these services performed. so a lot of issues. >> gregg: what do the mexican priests have to say for themselves? >> only one has been identified by the church. authorities are saying that a number of mexican priests come into the united states, not only california, but other border states, as well. a father of the tijuana diocese, he has been sort of the front page forerunner of this particular sto
. they are such an ally to the united states. over the past 10 years, he has carried on the position and spirit not only of his late father but of the jordanian people. under his leadership, during continues to be a key partner in the pursuit of peace and progress in the region and around the world. today the minister and i discussed a wide range of issues proposal -- issues. i want to begin by saying publicly what i had told the minister. condolences for the loss of lives that was unfortunately both american and the jordanians and i expressed appreciation for jordan's commitment to comment --Ñi combt violent extremist at home and abroad. this is a struggle that unites people of faith, people of peace, people of conscience everywhere. terror targeted our series -- cities and citizens and they must be met with unwavering result. i remember visiting the hotels in iman that had been bombed in 2005. walking through the wreckage, visiting the innocent children, men, and women who had been targeted at weddings. i will never forget what i saw there. i will never forget what i have seen. the united states and
money. it is every citizen's. you think about the big banks, the four largest banks in the united states control over 56% of the banking assets in the united states. it is outrageous! >> we are going to leave it there, guys. >> it is free money to them, not free money us to. >> correct. >> all right guys we got to stop it there. coming up senator schumer urging airlines to stop flying to airports with laxed security. someone one reason we should all love lawyers. why they may be the only ones who can kill government run health care. ♪ we created our college of business and management... after collaborating with business leaders. we wanted our curriculum to match market needs, preparing you for today's most sought-after careers. in fact, we have not one but five specialized colleges, offering you bachelor's degree programs that... are both relevant and highly maetable. devry university. discover education working at devry.edu. . >>> new york senator chuck schumer telling airlines they should think about not flying to airports with security not up to snuff. he says it will keep us safe.
happened in the united states. it has happened in europe. but the airport should have been privatized long ago. and they're not. they are still government entities. the air traffic system is still a government entity and they are lagging behind where the deregulated part of the system goes. sure -- >> harry -- thank you. harry, you're in los angeles. if you had to come to new york, you'd probably fly. would you feel safer the city or the county of los angeles operated that airport? or if the airlines that have invested billions in their assets operated that airport and decided who could get on the planes and who couldn't? >> private companies buy far do a much better job at practically everything. in this case, i think the fundamental, though, is we should be attacking them militarily. on offense, not hunkering down in defense and subjecting the citizens to being treated like cattle. >> i want to get into the $160 billion borrowing. >> let me go straight to it. >> next week the government is planning to make the largest acquisition in the debt market that it's ever made. it is going to go
and whether they can get into the united states? that seems kind of obvious to me. number two, i was surprised that there is no single database that tracks all specific high level threats against the united states. so on those levels it seems there was some shocking information today and, of course, brennan saying he didn't or the whole system, whole intelligence network didn't understand how sophisticated al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula was, a little bit of a shock. i can understand, it's a small group of people, about 100, 200 people and in a very poor country, the poorest country in the middle east and the thought was just not that sophisticated. again, a real wake-up call. but to me, the big surprise is some of the things that we had assumed were being done by our government had not been done. >> nina, when you have lee hamilton, a prominent democrat who is co-chair of the 9-11 commission saying, hey, listen, we knew al-qaeda in yemen was a problem a long time ago. fairly damning. >> i think it is. when john brennan today, he said we thought the threat was aspirational. in other words,
. the individual and small group market is where people lose their coverage in the united states. this is the fix to those markets if we are going to build on the existing system. markets if we do not build on the existing system and the issues that are raised in tim's paper and in this panel are critically important in terms of deciding on the provisions in the bills, federal vs. state control, and also implementing their bills and provisions over the next few years. >> thank you, sara and to our friends at the commonwealth for supporting some of the research and. thank you for your fortitude and listening to a lot of actuarial terminology over the last hour and a half. the me ask you to help thank the panelists. if the insurance exchanges in whatever form ru [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> today, president obama's ambassador at large talks about supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, the changing roles of women in the law, and the rights of women around the world. that is at 7 eastern on c- span's america an
>> glor: tonight the deep-freeze tightens its grip over the united states and a bitter cold is likely to go on for days. i am jeff glor, also tonight, after the attack on a cia in afghanistan, a rare revelation of the identities of murder erred asians. where america stands on food safety. how do we stack up against other countries and how do we prevent the most vulnerable americans from becoming dangerously ill? >> it got worse and worse, and it felt like killer pain. >> glor: and dashboard distractions, will the next generation of in car gadgets lure drivers into taking their eyes off the road? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening, the new year has been a cold year for most americans and this weekend is no exception. a deep-freeze is forecast to engulf virtually all of the continental united states overnight. the south is particularly ill prepared for such bone chilling weather. mark strassmann is in atlanta tonight. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. it was 12 degrees outside here first thing thi
to close down. you want to be the governor of the state. you want to be the united states senator. what are you going to do to fix it? don't tell me that you are going to give me at program or this or that. let's be creative in our process. what i think the republican leadership has been trying to do is get those issues in front of the people to show this is what we think a better alternative is. i think that's where people want to see the debate come down. what are our choices? what do you republicans stand for on health care? what are you going to do? i will go check off the list that members of congress propose or whatever. what i realize is a lot of it was they didn't know. we need to educate, we need to inform, we need to be out there in the community sharing the messages. but not doing it in the context that randal discussed, where you are doing hot rhetoric, making a lot of noise as james brown said. but really focuses on what people are trying to do. that's what chris and bob mcdonnell did. they talked to them about the issues that think were concerned about. people responded. >
trials here in the united states. >> he wants us to believe that it's his position that anybody who attacks us here in the united states shouldn't be tried in a civilian court. so says the guy that after the first world trade center bombing in 1993, applauded the conviction of four of the planners. quote -- nearly an hour years later, the master mind of that attack was sentenced. straight from "the new york times" that day -- okay, if you want to give him further benefit of the doubt, those trials were pre-9/11. maybe after that, he decided that any terrorist wo attacks here ought to be tried in civilian courts. has nothing to do with him trying to make political hay out of this. then what accounts to his response to the federal court conviction of the coconspirator in 2006. >> it shows we have a legal system that we follow it, we respect it and it's what's missing in a lot of the parts of the world breeding terrorism. it says something remarkable at us. >> the once promising political career of the new york city mayor who has national aspirations because of his supposed credibility
to the person world to the united states to do harm. it is huge progress. those are important words. >> sean: janet napolitano said the system works. every single time there's an incident, mr. secretary, every single time, we hear, i don't care if it is fort hood this airline attack, we keep hearing almost immediately, this is not terror-related. why are they say quick to calm the waters and the fears of the american people instead of saying we don't know whether it was terror related? >> that would be my preference. it is difficult to suggest that the fort attack was not terror-related. i don't know major was given guidance orders or took inspiration from the cleric but to suggest it was a criminal act defies what i think most americans -- doesn't pass the sniff test, most americans understand that >> sean: two have spoken out, one democrat, one republican. lee hamilton, democrat he says what he thinks is pervasive throughout the country, complacency, inertia, business as usual attitude, he thinks it is harmful and he thinks the president has a major share of blame. do you agree the presid
>>> it is just painful. >> some unbelievable scenes playing out across the eastern united states. it's like somebody left the door open to the arctic. when forecasters are saying temperatures could come back to normal. >>> the people who once wanted to adropt a missing 3-year-old boy spoke with hln. what they say they did to help police find gabriel johnson. >>> a mystery in san francisco may have been solved hundreds of miles away where experts say scores of sea lions have turned up, and why. >>> record breaking cold across the country today. you're watching "hln news and views." i'm general jennifer westhoven, thanks for joining us. the icy roads caused many car accidents, even this massive pileup. 300 crashes were reported in one georgia county alone. driving is even more difficult further north thanks to all the snow. snow plows worked in hammond, indiana, to clear out the road but some people took to shovels to dig themselves out. >> i prefer sunnier skies, but you know, you got to do what you got to do when you live in the midwest and dealing with this weather. i'm -- usual
there be no doubt about it. there are people in that area that are still plotting against the united states. and now you're starting to see it move. i think that's the big story now. it's moving toward the horn of africa and toward -- >> okay, gentlemen. we don't have enough time. thank you. mr. tom ridge. thanks for your service, both of you. >>> a new book out about the 2008 presidential campaign and i love it. it's a classic. it's full of new information like how badly sarah palin's debate prep was going. steve schmidt says he was warned it would be a debacle of epic proportions. how that's for good language? hillary clinton also warned barack obama about dealing with her husband if he made her secretary of state. talk about being sacrificial. it's all in the new book. we'll have a lot of that coming up on "hardball" tonight.. >>> coming up, a worst than expected jobs report this you might be missing something. with prego, it's all about the sauce. in a blind taste test, more people preferred prego over bertolli. the sweet and savory taste of prego. it's in there. (announcer) we understand. you w
'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> do you believe the president of the united states made americans less safe? >> i do. >> dick cheney and others, including sarah palin, continue to pound president obama on the terror issue. even as the president has asked them to stop. >> now is not a time for partisanship. it's a time for citizenship. a time to come together and work together. >> we'll address this explosive issue. exactly how are liberals defending the secret health care proceedings? we'll find out. >> i'm a little sick of the smears. >> it's time to put up some facts or shut up. >> glenn beck on why he is responding to his critics. also a big announcement about the bold fresh tour. >> i guess i'm suffering from some sort of overwhelming paranoia. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. our conservatives undermining president obama's war on terror? that is the subject of tonight's memo. the president continues to tell americans he'll fix the intelligence failures that allowed the unde
system will be approved by the united states supreme court. no major cases have been prosecuted in a military tribunal since world war ii. we know that if he goes into the united states district court he is going to come out with a life sentence without parole and that will be the end of it. i think that's a safe and appropriate bet for the government to say. >> commander lippold, do you think, though, he should be handled by the military? >> absolutely. i mean, that argument that jeffrey just made sounds real good, but the reality of it is, this administration has recognized the military commission system is a proper venue. they're going to take the principal conspirator for the attack on uss cole and try him via the military commission's process. i doubt the administration would do that especially after the president met with those families in february and looked them in the eye and said they would see justice served. put the principal conspirator through a process they didn't believe would work and, in fact, render the verdict that we need to see. >> commander, do you think i
said, was his answer to the united states to jordanian intelligence. also, we can see in this videotape that is sitting next to the current head of the pakistani taliban, and he said this attack was in part revenge for the u.s. in a drone attack last year killing the pakistani taliban leader at that time. so a multiple message here and another part of the message that's very, very clear is just how important the taliban have come in these sort of al qaeda-type operations here, taking this arab doctor and the taliban essentially being the front group, if you will, perpetrating what is essentially a very much al qaeda-type attack. fredricka? >> and so how might this video, you know, impact cia, jordanian intelligence gathering, sharing plans this point forward? >> you know, as much as what this doctor comes out and says he was a double act, went over to the taliban, according to an analyst here very familiar with operations in the middle east he said quite simply the united states, jordan intelligence, cia and all of the other intelligence agencies working to catch osama bin laden and the
in pakistan and yemen and other countries that want to an attack us in the united states. >> reporter: this family in finland will keep flying. >> we cannot live with the fear. we have to live our lives. >> reporter: he says, if not, the terrorists have won. in newark, new jersey, karen brown, cbs news. >> speaking of air travel, an event in the sky for airtran passengers as the tsa says a flight on the way from atlanta to san francisco had to be diverted to colorado springs due to an unruly passenger. he locked himself in the bathroom and what he did next was frightening. >> unruly passenger came out of the bathroom with no shoes or socks and a razor. >> they tasered the man. he fell to the ground. >> bomb-sniffing dogs searched the plane. no explosives or evidence of terrorism were found. after a three-hour delay, the plane continued on to the destination of san francisco. >>> maryland will discussion stiffer laws for child sex offenders. wee have suzanne collin was more. sarah haley foxwell's body was found in the woods on christmas day. thomas james leggs has been convicted twice
. the ones who attack us here in the united states. >> again, let's give rudy giuliani the benefit of the doubt here. he wants us to believe it's his position that anybody who attacks us here in the united states shouldn't be tried in a civilian court. so says the guy who after the first world trade center bombing in 1993 applauded the federal court convictions of four of the planners. straight from "the new york times" that day, "it should show that our legal system is the most mature legal system in the history of the world, that it works well, that that is the place to seek vindication if you feel your rights have been violated." nearly four years later the mastermind of that attack was sentenced. again, straight from "the new york times" that day. response to the sentence came quickly from city and federal officials. mayor rudolph w. giuliani said the sentencing sends a clear message to the world, the united states will vigorously prosecute and punish those who murder and maim the innocent. okay. if you want to give him even further benefit of doubt, those trials were both pre-
countries matters to the american people into our nation's security and prosperity. the united states seeks a safer, more prosperous, more democratic and more equitable world. we cannot reach that goal when one-third of humankind live in conditions that offer them little chance of building better lives for themselves or their children. we cannot stop terrorism or defeat the ideologies of violent extremism when hundreds of millions of young people see a future with their jobs, no hope, and no way ever to catch up to the developed world. we cannot build a stable, global economy with hundreds -- when hundreds of millions of workers and families find themselves on the wrong side of globalization, cut off from markets and out of reach of modern technologies. we cannot rely on regional partners to help us stop conflicts and counter global criminal networks when those countries are struggling to stabilize and secure their own societies. and we cannot advance democracy and human rights when hunger and poverty threaten to undermine the good governance and rule on what needed to make those rights rea
for his legacy and how people remember him. >> right. imagine being president of the united states, whether you're george bush or barack obama that something in the country could happen that completely changes your presidency overnight. that happened to george bush on 9/11 and he spent 11 years trying to avoid it happening again. barack obama came to office with the idea he didn't want his presidency to be consumed by prism. he thought it was important but not the only priority. health care, and economy, and other issues that -- like education he wanted to focus on. you haven't seen him spending time this year talking in the way george bush did and suddenly you have got a guy with explosives in his clothing on an airplane on northwest airlines on christmas day. what does he have to do, he suddenly finds himself in a position that dush did, answering questions, what went wrong. who is responsible and how do we assess blame? gwen: you wrong a long, long piece. >> it reads fast. gwen: yes. one of the characters who was a running theme throughout the piece in the administration and the
of the united states. so this guy, richard reid, certainly changed his tune from that subdued man that we first saw. not to say that abdulmutallab will did the same thing, but i got to say, it would not be surprising. >> and some controversy about whether there should have been handled in a criminal court versus a military tribunal. what was the right decision? >> the critics have been saying that he's a terrorist and he should not be getting a lawyer who will tell help that you have a right to remain silent. but he was picked up here on u.s. soil. i think this is getting a little bit confuseded with the much more controversial issue to bring those 9/11 plotters, the top plotters in the attack on the united states, the world trade center and the pentagon into the united states. they've been held down at guantanamo bay, they've baby going through these military tribunals, the obama administration has decided that khalid shaikh mohammed, the master minld, should instead be brought here into this country and get a regular trial. that's a very different decision than just putting someone into a fed
've heard what the united states government is asking, what the tsa is asking other countries to do. is it enough in your estimation? >> i think it's a first step and they're probably doing it based on the intelligence that they have that there may be other plots out there and they want to be sure that what they know about is covered, so, i would view it as a short-term thing that is aimed at a specific potential threat. the longer term is very important that they have a comprehensive multinational strategy so you don't have each country doing its own thing. it's very important to be coordinated so that al-qaeda can't go shopping, basically, for places to go to come to the united states. we need to make sure that the security net across the globe is strong. >> brian: can i ask you a question, there's a lot of controversy about the new body scanners that want to be placed in. what's your take on that? >> well, i think they're necessary and the privacy protections put in place are really strong, which a lot of people are concerned about if my neighbor works at tsa, is that person goin
is broader than that. that basically that is an investment into the united states staking its claim into the green energy marketplace, that china will otherwise eat our lunch in terms of green technology and this is a sector more broad than simply the number of jobs that you mentioned, that if we get out in front of this sector, it will have ripple effects that are broader than that. but about the problem for them is of course that none of the effects come very quickly. fechb they're right. and it's a debatable point, but it's a slow acting kind of stimulus in any event. >> i agree. i think this is going to be a very tough thing for them to sell. you've got $170 billion stimulus package alledgedly for jobs coming out of house. we haven't heard from the senate. it's like more and more spending and what is the yield in terms of jobs? that's the problem. >> you can bet they're hear from the senate when they get these numbers. washington was hoping, the white house was hoping to have a positive jobs number as you know today even if the unemployment rate wasn't going to go down. this is
solar energy, alternative energy, going some 183 companies across the united states. that comes from the stimulus package. and the administration estimate that's going to cost -- that will result in 17,000 jobs. they say with a lot of private sector partnerships and private sector capital, tens of thousands of more jobs could result. still, a drop in the bucket, but the white house and democrats hoping to turn the conversation back to all they're trying to do to turn the economy around and turn the unemployment rate around in a downward direction, alex. >> okay. mike from the white house. thanks, mike. >>> for more on the job report including an interactive that will show you the changes in unemployment of the past three years you can head to our website, msnbc.com. >>> new this morning, a pakistani television station is airing a video of a man it claims is the double agent who killed cia employees in afghanistan. al jazeera says this footage shows human abu al balawi standing alongside the leader telling jihadists to avenge the deaths of pakistan's previous taliban chief, killed by
actually put these questions before them. the united states will continue to play a role at various times. we may offeror own sites as to how to resolve these very kinds of questions, but let's get to that negotiation. that is why we are continuing to push as hard as we can to get this started as quickly as possible. >> thank you. >> i am always concerned about the potential the unforeseen consequences of the regulation. deregulation or regulation of any kind act as a tax and when you tax air regulate something you tend to get less and tend to diminish it. >> this weekend republican fcc commissioner robert mcdowell on efforts to create a national broadband plan net neutrality and the wireless industry saturday at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. preston obama's sending agriculture secretary tom vilsack to afghanistan to promote stability there through agriculture reforms. he will be joined by special representative richard holbrooke. they spoke with reporters thursday for about 40 minutes. >> good afternoon and welcome to the department of state. i think we have an unusual if not an unprecede
, that children you are raising today may grow up to be president of the united states. let's not forget that our president's mother was on welfare at one point in time. every child deserves the minimum standards in order to have food, shelter and clothing. they don't ask to be brought here. >> bonnie: right, they don't but why isn't the government behavior, when what was it, buck v -- >> buck vs. bell. >> bonnie: when that law came down. >> which is still good law b the way. >> bonnie: the state overturned that law -- >> in 1972. >> bonnie: exactly. the point that we're talking about is one of the most honored jurists, oliver wendell holmes, ruled that she was supposedly the third -- her child would have been the third generation of imbecils in her generation, and they allowed her to be sterilized. carrie buck was raped and allowed to conceive. there is no medical chip program which currently, i looked it up on the internet this morning, which takes up 31% of the federal budget. i think it's time for -- and why not, the typical progressive reaction is, they're children, they're here. why
ison than they do on public educion, which they do not pre the jewel of public educatioin the united states, k-12 to clege a university system, is n a basket case, and is a tragedy. we hav had a political tactic overhe last 25 years, and it isax cut, t cut, t cut and i ll never ask you to be a citizen and pick up e burden. >> in the case o california, it is hard to have sympathy for us itas spending recklesy in the good years. -- for a state that was spending recklessly in the good use. decided it wld instute its own at stem cell policy, get $3 billion as a result of referendum on the st cells, which is not a ste issue, but a tional issue, and it is a slus fund and its research has proded almost nothing. why a steelwork in a poor state ought to be taxed to bail out e indulgences of california is beyond m >> what i -- find i -- i canno y all of these -- but the governors are pretty realistic. in califnia you he a republican gernors say to the legislature that we arputting people in prisoor too long for small crime, and balloned e budget for prisonshile we are messing wit this in jew
the jewel of public education the united states, k-12 to colge andniversity system, is now basket case, and it is a tragedy. we have had a political tactic over t last 25 years, and it is t cut, tax cut, tax cut and i wi never ask you to be a citizen and pick up thburden. >> in the case of california, it is hard to have sympathy for us it w spending recklesslin the good years. -- for a state that was spending recklessly in the good use. cided it wou instite its own at stem cell policy,et $3 billion as aesult of referendum on the stem cells, which is not a stassue, but a naonal issue, and it is a slush fund andts research has produc almost nothing. why a steelworkern a poor state ought to beaxed to bail t the indulgences of california is beyo me. >> what -- find i- i cnot say all of these -- but the governors are pret realistic. in cifornia y have a republic governors say to the legislature that ware putting people in psons for too long for small cmes, and ballone the budget for prisons while we are messingith this inewel of our education system. inew york, david paterson is in terribl
mass right over the united states. it is all coming from the upper part of canada. very strong canadian high pressure system bringing down the arctic frigid air mass. zero in minneapolis. negative one in omaha. 16 in chicago. and dropping all the way down, 21 degrees in dallas. so well below freezing temperatures in dallas. and dropping down to florida where they have concerns of freezing on the crops. so dangerous air mass over half of the united states. we had the low pressure system moving off to the atlantic ocean. brought snow showers earlier today. that is gone. frigid temperatures and blustery conditions for saturday. good news, is that we will have the sunshine making it feel and look warm outside. bunt fortunately temperatures struggle to reach 30 tomorrow. and then here comes the high pressure system s dry high pressure system allowing for sunshine. and then even toward sunday, again, pretty much a repeat of saturday weather. continues with temperatures around 32 degrees for sunday. and then as we go toward the middle of the work week. next week. we will get on the back side o
with conspiracy to commit murder outside the united states as well as getting military training from al qaeda. he has pleaded not guilty to both of the charges. the government indictment alleges that this alleged murder conspiracy happened between august and october of 2008. that, specifically, he got on a plane and traveled in newark international airport to cutter and then to pakistan during that period of time, specifically at the end of august, 2008. fredricka? >>> and he was not allegedly acting alone but there were others involved? >> well, it is alleged that he is an acquaintance of a terror suspect by the na imname of najibullah zazi. this man today as well as the cab driver who was charged yesterday again are alleged to be acquaintances. however, the attorney representing this man and the other man both have no comment about that. at least one gentlemen or both of them are known according to their lawyers to at least know this other terror suspect. both have denied being involved in any kind of terrorist activities. >> susan candiotti in new york, thanks so much. appreciate that. >>> now
and the united states congress, i will not be a candidate for re-election this november. >> chris dodd's announcement actually mayhem his party. dodd had a ton of plit call baggage and he faced a tough re-election in a state that democrats dominate. with dodd out, democrats have a better chance now of keeping the seat. but it's a different story in north dakota where popular senator announced his retirement. a stake in all of this, the democrats 60-seat supermajority in the senate. even if their filibuster proof margin they've had a tough time passing big bills. if they lose their supervisor mare jority in this year's elections it will be even harder for president obama and congressional democrats to advance their agenda. betty, t.j.? >> all right. you know we've been asking you this morning, there's a new survey out that says only 45% of americans are satisfied with their careers. that is a low, the lowest in two decades, in fact. so we want to know, do you like your job? we're getting a lot of responses. let me take you first to my facebook page. gregory farlow says i like it, just c
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